Weekly Restaurant Highlight- Howley's


Part of the Sub-Culture group which includes restaurants, bars, and coffee roasters since 2004, Howley’s West Palm Beach has been serving up delicious food since it’s opening in 1950. Originally a traditional 50’s greasy spoon diner, Howley’s has retained a lot of the elements of the original diner’s charm including tin ceilings and terrazzo floors. Howley’s is open nearly 24 hours a day, which is an impressive feat for any restaurant, but especially this one. Using the original 1950’s motto “Cooked in sight…Must be right” the menu touts the fact that there are no microwaves on the premises. That’s right, everything is cooked to order from scratch in a real oven. The result is nothing short of amazing. Utilizing local and organic ingredients, the food here absolutely shines. From their take on the classic “TV Dinner” which changes nightly to incredible fried chicken and Brady’s Brisket Patata Burrito, Howley’s will leave you neither hungry or disappointed. One of my absolute favorite meals here is the Country Fried Steak. Beware, however, as you will not be able to order this dish at any other eatery as you forever compare it to Howley’s. I suggest one of their signature cocktails with dinner. I usually go with the Harvey Wallabanger or a classic martini and I have never been disappointed. If you were able to conquer your entrée but still have room for dessert, then do not hesitate to try their one of their many home-made pies or cakes.  Want a little kick with your dessert? Howley’s has you covered with their Boozy Milkshakes. Although I am still working my way through the menu which has a little bit of everything I know I won’t be let down by any choice I make.