Restaurant Highlight- Little Moir's Food Shack


Yes, when you come to Northern Palm Beach county, specifically Jupiter, we have a lot of seafood restaurants. Of course, this makes sense on the surface. We are close to the ocean, have an inlet, and it’s Florida after all. I was often surprised when I asked at different restaurants where their seafood was sourced from, I didn’t always receive the answer I was hoping to hear. We are all familiar with the farm-to-table concept that has seen a surge in popularity in the last few years. If you are unfamiliar with farm-to-table (sometimes referred to farm-to-fork) it’s a social movement which promotes serving and highlighting locally sourced ingredients at restaurants and encourages members of the community to visit and support their local farmers market to utilize these fresh ingredients. This is where Mike Moir, chef and owner of Little Moir’s Food Shack hits full stride. Moir utilizes our biggest local farm, the ocean, in his cuisine serving up some of the freshest seafood available to our area. Trained classically, Moir can bring the classics with a twist and reimagine these classics to keep them fresh and interesting. What made Food Shack the hit it is today is the creativity and dedication Moir and collaborators have to their menu, ingredients, and the local culture. Although its easy to be inundated with seafood in a beautiful coastal area like Jupiter, great local spots like Food shack and sister restaurant, Leftovers, keep local dining options interesting and fresh.