Flag Day- What Day?

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It's certainly not one of the most anticipated of our holidays in the States (it's not even a true federal holiday), but it's certainly one that shouldn't go unnoticed. Most Americans usually only know about the holidays that get them time off work (we are all guilty). Flag Day is an important day as it reminds us all about the very piece of cloth that flies high above all of our government buildings andĀ  your neighbors house alike. Of course the history behind a nation's flag is unique. The first American flag was adopted on this day in 1777 and President Wilson proclaimed June 14th as National Flag Day in 1916. The iteration of the flag as we know it today was actually designed by a 17 year old student. The flag with the 50 stars on it was designed by the student before Hawaii and Alaska became states. These details only scratch the surface of the deep and interestingly unique history surrounding one of the world's most recognized symbols.